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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

PA work - BMW commercial

This is one of many commercials that I have recently been working on. I have been working as a freelance Production Assistant since February in Vancouver working on such commercials as Tim Hortons, Kokanee, Telus, Westjet, BMW, Campbell's Soup and more.

This commercial was very interesting to work on and know all the secrets that happened before post production although I can not say. It's great getting to work on set and I hope I can progress and move up from PA'ing.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Resume 2011

My updated generic CV / Resume

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shawn Taylor - Food Photography

These are samples of the final shots from a recipe book shoot that I assisted on. I picked up this job through my friend and it turned out to be really good and very interesting to see how much detail goes into every shot, especially with regards to the hero subjects.

Shawn Taylor was the photographer who is a really nice guy and does a lot of great work, check him out Here

Vivian Maier

These are a small number of street photos by Vivian Maier. Vivian was an American born French lady who moved back to America in the early 50's. She worked as a live in nanny for 40 years but had a passion for photography. It is said that she took around 100, 000 photos from around the world but mostly from her adopted town of Chicago.

Her street art portraits are stunning plus extremely charismatic and to think her work was completely unknown until after her death. The mostly undeveloped films where found in 2007 by a local historian. I strongly suggest any one to check out some of her photos they are a brilliant slice of history and really capture the moment of their creation.

Here is the official website..... Link

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lynn Canyon

These pictures were taken at Lynn Canyon which is about a 40min bus and boat ride away from my house. Its a really pretty place with hikes that start off by crossing a cool suspension bridge about 40ft above the ground.

The water is all glacial run off and is amazingly clear and clean, especially when you are used to rivers in London. These pictures are from when the winter season was changing into the spring so most snow and ice had left but some still remained. Which made for interesting hiking conditions as it was warm in the sun and cold in the shade. Im sure I'll be going here again.

Vancouver - Dusk

Downtown Vancouver's water front at dusk, yes this is my new home !


Some photos of the local wildlife at Granville Island, unfortunately I did not get to see a bald eagle that day.